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Cross-border Corridors

Educational activities, on the basis of the network of the trans-European migration corridors for wild animals within the area of the Southern Brandenburg – Lubuskie Province.

The Forest District Cybinka started its cooperation with the Nature  Protection Fund Brandenburg in 2011.

In the meetings organised by Germans, there were set forth the conditions of the project. In its realization on the Polish side, there will be involved people specialised in various fields (computer scientists,  graphic artists,  regionalists, etc.).  The project will be coordinated by the Forest District Cybinka. Polish side will carry out activities of educational character, and German side of scientific character.

The project is dedicated to the local people from the borderland of Poland and Germany, as well as to nature preservation experts.

Cross-border cooperation in the area of species protection covered by the project will allow an exchange of experiences and will contribute to a better understanding of biotopes on both sides of the border. We would mainly like to focus on educational and promotional activities.

Creation of the network of migration corridors running aside the River Odra, allows the complex monitoring of the species movement covered by the project (namely kingfisher, European otter, wolf, European pond turtle and amur bitterling), as well as other animals for which "the river" isn't any obstacle.

Infrastructure and inconsiderable urban sites development on Polish side enable an access of that area in respect of education and tourism, at the same time not destroying the  order existing in nature. The increase of biodiversity among fauna of the Odra River is common aim of Polish and German partner.

Educational and information activities will be directed to all people interested in the project, schools and people related to nature preservation.

The workshops in the Forest District Cybinka will be carried on by  groups of people related to the project or by specialists on nature preservation.

Educational classes will be conducted for school groups, pre-school groups and tourists visiting our Forest District.


Main activities within the framework of the project:

  1. Conducting the educational and information activities.
  2. Carrying out Polish – German workshops (summary of the project, suggestion for the project continuation).
  3. Conducting the thematic competition.
  4. Preparation of educational base.