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Forest is not only an enterprise that has addressed people's needs for centuries but also a place of recreation and rest. The forests of Cybinka Forest District also serve the recreational purpose.

The forest district has prepared parking places within the area of Białków equipped with roofing, table, benches and information boards. A "Bieganów" environment and forest trail is undoubtedly an interesting spot where covered places of rest can be found as well as seven theme stops with reference boards. A walking path is also set together with walk-and-bike and bike cross routes. The length of the route is 5 km and estimated walking time is 3 hours. Educational route called "Bird paradise" is on the outskirts of Cybinka and starts off at the forest district headquarters and finds its ending at the observation tower on ecological land bearing the name of "Former-mine Hollow". The tower operates all year round and is used for bird watching (countless ducks, wild goose and cranes). It is admission free. A canoe trail finds its way throughout the forest district. The River Pliszka - Lake Wielicko - The River Odra - around 20 kilometres, The River Ilanka from Maczków to the River Odra - around 6 kilometres. In Sądów sub-district a canoe landing stage is being developed. Horse tourism is becoming more and more popular therefore special paths have been designated in the forest district.