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Forest complexes of Cybinka forest district are of educational value and not just economic.

The most eminent educational sites include:

- Environmental and Educational path "Bieganów" - located between Cybinka and Bieganów - starts in Małoodrzańska Street, Cybinka. Contains educational boards, stops former fish breeding ponds,

- Educational path "Bird paradise" - starts at the headquarters of the forest district and finishes at the observation tower at the "Former-mine Hollow" ecological lands. One can observe various species of bird such as wild goose, cranes and ducks.

- Educational and forest path "Dębowa" - the beginning of the path is in Drzeniów, it is short and includes the avenue of monumental oak trees and the ruins of the chapel from 18th century.

- Education and promotion centre "White Stork Museum" in Kłopot - the centre runs classes for children and teens about white stork and nature of the valley of the River Odra.

- Educational room at Cybinka Forest District - enabling holding educational block, classes for 12 children, sparsely equipped and uniquely arranged.

- Canoe landing stage in Sądów - the stage at the River Pliszka includes covered breakfast spot, parking and campfire place.

- "Śniadaniówka" at Cybinka Forest District - educational point (charts, forest ski jump). Available for 15-20 people