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Cybinka forest district is regarded as one of the warmest in Poland. It covers the area of 22493 3ha.

It is located in three counties: Krosno, Słubice and Sulęcin, that is in the north-western part of Zielona Góra Regional Directorate of the State Forests in macro region Łagów Lake District. It comprises of three precincts (forest precinct is part of forest districts of tree stand growing in similar conditions with a common forest development plan): Białków, Rybaki, Radzików. The lowest point (height in absolute values) is 30,9 meters above sea level by the River Pliszka at the mouth into the River Odra. The highest point is the area of the village Bargów - 109 meters above sea level. Due to mild temperatures the climate of forest district is favourable to flora development. The area is characterised by high level of woodiness and numerous presence of nature monuments.