Forest resources

„Drewno dla samowystarczalności energetycznej samorządu oraz dla bezpieczeństwa energetycznego państwa"


The main purpose of silviculture is preserving and enriching the existing forests (regeneration) and founding new ones (forestation) respecting the environmental conditions and natural processes.

Forest protection

Cybinka Forest District is constantly exposed to influence of various environmental factors (both of biotic and abiotic nature) due to poor tree stand in terms of their composition. Any actions aimed at defending against these dangers, their elimination, forest prevention, researching the reasons of forest disease and improving the state of a forest is referred to as forest protection.

Nature preservation

Teren nadleśnictwa cechuje się różnorodnością gatunkową roślin i zwierząt oraz bogactwem leśnym.

Forest use

Acquiring wood by forest districts is carried out in accordance with Forest Organization Plan drawn up for ten-year periods. It is the main aim of forest management. The yearly unit of cutting (a number of cuttings without damage to wood stands is possible) cutting and pre-cutting lands (woodlands acquired in the process of nurturing cuttings before the trees have reached suitable age). They constitute so called 'main lands'. They include a range of round wood, wood wares acquired from fallen trees (both from above ground and subterranean).

Forest management

Zgodnie z ustawą o lasach, plan urządzenia lasu stanowi podstawowy dokument gospodarki leśnej opracowywany dla określonego obiektu, zawierający opis i ocenę stanu lasu, program ochrony przyrody oraz cele, zadania i sposoby prowadzenia gospodarki leśnej


Hunting is series of activities allowing the population of wild animals to be sustained at a economically bearable level leading to receiving healthy, well-developed and promising animals. The purpose of shooting is adjusting the maximum number of animals on the area and, therefore ensuring optimal conditionals for living, adequate number of food and reproduction opportunities.


„Drewno dla samowystarczalności energetycznej samorządu oraz dla bezpieczeństwa energetycznego państwa"

Supervision over private forests

Privately owned forest constitute slightly more than 120 ha of Cybinka Forest District.