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It is worth stopping at environmental and historical landmarks located on the area of Cybinka Forest District.

  • The chapel in the area of Drzeniów - located in forests near Drzeniów, the ruins of large, once impressive chapel. The writing states it was built in the year 25 but whether it was 1825 or 1925 remains unknown. The inhabitants of the village have decided to uncover the remains of the building to present it to the visitors of the region. It is part of the project funded by the EU. An oak avenue is planned to be planted

  • Former settlement in Rzepin forest On the border of Sarnowo and Nowy Świat sub-districts one can enjoy the sight of former palace development. The areas of Grodno are quite a mysterious place. Only faint traces have remained of a vibrant village that had existed for over 600 years. Collapsed building walls overlooking the bushes, debris and snowdrops blossoming in Spring. Time has taken its toll. What an enchanting place for bike trips. 
  • The River Pliszka Similarly to the River Ilanka it is a right-bank tributary of the River Odra near the village Urad. The total length of the flow is 65.7 kilometres and it entirely flows through Lubuskie Province. The River Pliszka has its beginning in Lake Malcz Północny which is 101.3 metres above sea level. It is worth stating that the view as it flows into Łagów Lake is false (it concerns its left-bank tributary - Łagowa). The level difference between its source and mouth is 78 meters causing the river to have rapid flow on its majority
  • The River Ilanka South-east of Torzym, in a little valley two little lakes are located: Trawno and Trawienko. This is where one of the most beautiful rivers of Middle Odra Region starts - Ilanka which is a right-bank and direct tributary of the Odra River. The total length of the flow is 54.2 kilometres.

A definite attraction of the forest district are dense forest complexes containing environmental and educational trails (Bieganów, 5km, designed both for walking and cyclists).