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Current precincts of Cybinka forest district (Białków, Rybaki, Radzionków) have been separate districts (as Rzeczyca which became part of Cybinka forest district in 1978) since 1945. They were founded from former state forests and property forests and peasant forests seized by State Treasury in January 1945. Shifts in administrative structures of those forest districts took place in the 50's and later in 1978. Cybinka forest district has operated in the current shape since January 1996.

Cybinka forest district comprises of three precincts founded in January 1996, namely Białków, Radzików and Rybaki. Białków precinct is comprised of sub-districts of Urad, Sądów, Białków and Rąpice. Radzików precinct, comprised of sub-districts of Nowy Świat, Sarnowo, Supno, Radzików, Bargów. Rybaki precinct of Chlebów, Skarbona and Maszewo sub-districts.