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On the area of Cybinka Forest district on Torzym Plain a huge peatbog sanctuary "Młodno" has existed since 1988.

The area of "Młodno" sanctuary covers 92.91 ha between Białków, Rąpice and Bytomiec. It is an intermediate mire that took place of an overgrown lake. Around ¼ of the sanctuary area is covered by thickets of willow, birch and alder.

The sanctuary is full of unique plants such as marsh orchid, dactylorhiza and marsh helleborine. Rare species of moss exist which are included in ‘The Polish Red Book of Plants'. Animals of the area are European pond turtles, beavers and birds: greylag goose, common snipe, grasshopper warblers. On the edges of the sanctuary there are white-tailed eagles and black storks. In summer and autumn flocks of cranes appear and in autumn it becomes the rutting ground for deer.

"Młodno" sanctuary belongs to "Nature 2000" areas.