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Canis lupus, length: 1-1,6 m (+ 40-50 centimetres long tail) withers height: 80-100 cm, weight: 27-54 kg. Male wolfs are about 20-25% bigger than female wolfs.

This is the species with great territory and space needs. Usually, the territory occupied by the pack equals about 100-300 km2, however the size depends on the area and  availability of food. The packs of wolfs counts up to 20 members each, however they tend to be less numerous as a family groups which consist of dominant (parental) couple with their offspring and alternatively, the rest of the wolfs from the previous litter. A strict internal  hierarchy reigns in the pack.

Wolfs posses well developed way of communicating by means of different  sounds, body language and chemical substances, such as pheromones and by marking with their dung.

This big predator in difficult conditions can even fast for two weeks. Yet, it can be a real glutton, namely 15 wolfs have eaten 270 kg elk within three hours.

In the summer, the wolf eats 2-4,5 kg of food on average.