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European Otter

Lutra lutra, length: 65-77 cm (+ 39-43 centimetres long tail), weight: 6-16 kg

European Otter occurs very rarely. It has got very thick fur – there are not less than  45000 – 50000 hair on 1 square cm of its belly skin. Waterproof fur consists of a long strong cover and a short soft layer fur clinging to its body. Wet wired kemps of fur looks like thorns, however when only the animal shakes the water off, the fur smoothes out and dries quickly.

Thick and muscled  tail is like power screw. Hind legs perform the function of a rudder, at the same time making possible to manoeuvring in the water.

Discrete European Otter never shows its presence with any sound and leads a night life. Only alarmed or excited in its mating season (march), it whistles.

In the Red List of Threatened Species published by The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) European otter was categorised as NT ( Near Threatened ).

It is under legal protection in Poland.